To my Website, NetLink and Thanks for Stopping By..

It was my intention in creating this page to build one site, from which anyone, with little experience; could have a place to begin a journey out onto      the internet. I've tried to create a place that would  serve as both an active demonstration, and would also be easy to find your way back to. Things here are simple enough for beginners, yet hopefully interesting also for the computer savvy. I hope that you'll spend a little time, and set your bookmark to return.

From this sight you can get stock prices, shop major manufacturers, order compact discs and flowers; and even download the latest software. You can research medical ailments, chart stocks through your computer, and view video cam shots from all over the world. (You can even listen to shortwave radio broadcasts from South Africa.)

I've recently included 2 new sights that will link you to a national job search database, and a travel site where you can get schedules, prices and tickets for most any mode of transportation.

I hope that this site will help you in successfully navigating the internet, and might also illuminate "just how far" your computers' arm can reach.        If there's anything you'd like to see added to this page; please offer your suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice trip.


"Einstein said that we could never understand it all..
the planets spinning in space,
the smile upon your face..
Welcome to the human race,
it's just a lovely ride.."